2020 What is your take on this?

With only a month and two weeks left of this year I have been doing an enormous amount of introspection. This for whatever reason was a year that I had been looking forward to as 2019 was nearing an end. Somehow I believed that 2020 was going to be my year. I would often joke that this was going to be the year of perfect vision. Little did I know what was in store for me, my family and the world as a whole.

Speaking to some colleagues I made a comment that if I wished to express my anger at someone I now use the word 2020. At the time this seemed most appropriate and applicable. However as I reflected on this statement I began to realise what I was actually saying about myself. Yes this year has been most disruptive but it in no way could come close to the other catastrophic disruptions I have encountered in my life. In fact it paled into the distance when I pulled the two side by side. It also highlighted for me how I had allowed my vision of life to be tinted with a negative shade of woe is me.

So yes as I admit that I needed to change the lens through which I look at life, I am able to acknowledge that this has been a tough year and that the effects of it will be felt for a long time to come. I am however also able to focus on the absolute positives that have come along this year with all the challenges. I guess in many ways my joking about this being the year of perfect vision has become reality. Spending time with my daughters during the hard lockdown was something that no amount of money could buy. Having time to build on my personal fitness has paid off with additional benefits, mental health having improved along with my fitness. Another benefit has been getting to know my neighbours and realising that us humans are social beings. We need one another. Another huge benefit was learning new skills, who would have thought I would be conducting online meetings and training sessions at the start of 2020.

So as much as I am cognisant of the hardships and challenges this year has brought into our lives. I am also filled with hope as in the midst of all this doom and gloom there have been positives.

Wishing you all the ability to see the pockets of hope that exist in this season of doom and gloom.