Cancer -How dare you.

Cancer, if only I could put a human face on you, then I could shout at you and call you a murderer. You came into our lives and stole what was most precious and valuable to us. You arrived unannounced and stuck around just long enough, giving us false hope that we could overcome yet another challenge. Then with a cruelness like I have never experienced before you struck with a crushing blow. Not only did you take Yolanda’s life but you have left a massive gaping wound in the lives of those who knew and loved her. You have turned lives upside down and inside out in the wake of your destructive path. Each time I hear your name my stomach turns into a million knots and the anger rages again and again. How dare you, how dare you I want to shout. How dare you enter into people’s lives and break and destroy what was so carefully built over years and years of love and commitment to one another.

Cancer. How dare you!