Mind your language

The other morning whilst running with my morning group, we refer to ourselves as the Early Birds, I was enlightened by a wonderful conversation regarding red and green language. Since this magnificent enlightenment I have become super aware of how I am saying things to those around me. I have been especially aware of our conversation, in our sanctuary our home, between the girls and myself. It has become abundantly clear that in times of stress our language has a tendency to move to the red zone. It becomes more and more aggressive in tone and soon becomes more emotional and appears to lack reasoning and understanding.

This understanding has helped me to have a good heart to heart conversation with the girls. We have all agreed to assist one another in two ways. Firstly we have agreed to endeavour to utilise green language in all our conversations with one another. Secondly we have developed a signal to use and indicate to the other party that their language has moved into the red zone. By doing this I hope to develop a more loving and understanding relationship between the three of us.

The pain of grief so often messes with our conversation skills and unknowingly we push people away when in reality we need to be pulling them towards us. I know that I have certainly done this, however regret can’t change this, and it is time to focus on implementing change.

I am grateful for this conversation and I know that it did not happen by chance. My God, my Creator knows what and when I need to hear His voice through those he puts around me.