Psalm 100

His love endures forever, His love has been constant and unchanging from generation to generation. His love builds my faith. His love gives me hope. His love calls me to love as He loves.

As I did this passage in my morning devotional I was reminded of our heavenly Fathers great love. As a parent I could reflect on my love for my children and understand that this love isn’t the airy fairy floating on clouds love but rather a practical love. A practical love of enjoying, caring, hoping, encouraging, disciplining, challenging and most of all a love to follow.

God’s love is far greater than all I described above, but with my limited human knowledge as a parent this is the best I can understand for now. What I truly enjoyed about this scripture is that there is no promise of a glorious easy life. This makes my understanding of grief and disappointment easier to handle. What God does promise, just as any caring parent does, is to always be there for us. Feeling the pain of grief isn’t a reflection on my faith or lack of it but rather a mark that I loved and was loved, but more profoundly I am still loved and will always be loved by my Heavenly Father.