Grief an unplanned complication

Grief my friend, I only call you my friend as you tend to hang around me night and day. Your presence is never far from me. I wake up in the middle of the night and there you are sitting in the corner of my room watching over me. I go for a walk and I can hear your footsteps following closely behind. I sip my early morning coffee and I see you staring longingly at my cup, perhaps you are also hoping the coffee will give you strength to go another day. Your presence is constant, when I laugh, when I am happy when I desire to just take the next step you are there.

My friend Grief, I wish to tell you that you were never invited into my life. Your presence, although a necessary part of my journey, was and is totally unplanned. Do I want you to be hanging around day and night? Do I want you to follow my every move? Do I want you to read my mind? The answer is a categorical no. Yes I get it that you are as a result of having loved and been loved. As friends are able to have honest open and transparent chats with one another I feel that our friendship has matured to this level. I hope not to offend you in any way but trust that you will understand and also respect me as a friend when I tell you this.

Your presence is an unplanned complication. I am sorry that I might offend you but perhaps we could come to a better arrangement that works for both of us. I look forward to your response.

Your friend.