I write this post as a statement of faith. God our Father, our creator is good in all circumstances. Sometimes in church people will make statements about God being good when prayers for healing have been answered. I am sure that you have heard and possibly even made such comments. I must admit when I hear such comments now I cringe, I squirm because I see a hidden, unintended subtext, God perhaps isn’t good when prayers aren’t answered. Can this be true? Is it possible for God not to be good? I struggled with this hidden subtext for a long time, then as of the light was suddenly turned on, the answer came to me. God is always good, God always answers our prayers however not always in the manner we want. After all He is the creator.

In the two days before Yolanda passed away I recall vividly praying to our Father, begging Him to heal Yolanda, begging Him to allow me to swop places with Yolanda. Yet I still finished these prayers with the same words our Savior used in the garden of Gethsemane, “not my will but thine”. Today as I write this blog I realise the power in those words. Jesus must have gained enormous strength knowing he had handed it over to his Father. I too gain strength from these words. God our Father is good in all circumstances not only when He answers prayers according to our request.

3 thoughts on “You’re a good, good Father

  1. I recall the struggle you had with this concept. I’m glad the God we serve has revealed truth to us and reveals more of Himself with time. GOD is GOOD all the time.

  2. Thank you for sharing…
    I remember driving home that afternoon, asking God if i did all i had to do for Yols…i was so tired. I placed the phone on charge and came to lie down. Jason woke me up and said…”Mum, auntiy Landa is gone…check your phone”
    She passed about the time i was praying.

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