“Therefore, since we are surrounded by so great a cloud of witnesses,”
‭‭Hebrews‬ ‭12:1‬ ‭ESV‬‬

This scripture came to my mind this morning as I was meditating on God’s word. I started to think that Yolanda would be one of those witnesses looking down at me. I then wondered what she would be thinking, what she would want to say to the girls and I. Wondering what words of advice she would bestow on us. Now I am well aware of the possible theological debates around this topic, for me this thought wasn’t about theology but rather around the romantic notion that in some miraculous way we are still connected.

So allow me to indulge in the moment, allow me to drift into places of my mind previously closed due to the pain and anguish that such thoughts had produced. Allow me to expand on this fantasy. When reading this scripture I get a very clear picture of me running a race, the cloud of witnesses are those in the spectators in the stands. The race would resemble life, some parts would go well, almost too easily and other parts would be unbelievably tough but throughout this race the spectators would be cheering me on, offering words of encouragement. Their energy would be contagious and all consuming. Lifting each foot and assisting me towards the finish line.

Yolanda’s voice would be the one voice I would pick out from the many on the stands, her encouragement, her zeal and inner determination driving me to the finish line. She would want me to utilise every drop of energy I could muster in order to arrive at the finish line being able to say I gave it my all. There would be no need to look back down the track, as I would cross the finish line having left nothing out there.

Having this thought inducing fantasy, I have come to the realisation that the encouragement I would be receiving would be to live life to its fullest, learn to appreciate God’s beauty in the tiniest of moments. Giving my all in each situation that the race of life throws at me and appreciate those around me whilst doing so.

Thank you for reading, thank you for indulging in my fantasy. If this has been meaningful to you in any way please leave a comment. I love to hear the thoughts of others.

5 thoughts on “Looking Down from Heaven

  1. Thank you Sean, your words of encouragement really are so meaningful to me this morning. I also always think of my husband looking down and encouraging me along my road of life. Big hug to to you

  2. Colleen thank you for reading and responding. I am glad you found these words to be an encouragement. Ever since writing this blog I have always wanted to encourage others along this journey. It isn’t the journey any of us chose, but it is our journey.

  3. I know that Yolanda would still be cheering you and the girls on in this race called life that you are running so beautifully. Injuries and challenges included. This is no fantasy…. it is your reality.

  4. A touching & such a heartwarming intimate moment of sharing your thoughts & emotions as precious memories flood over you.
    Apart but never forgotten.
    Praying that your newly found Friendship will be part of your healing & bring new joy & companionship into your lives as a Family. Thank you for your courage in sharing your inner thoughts & pain. May many benefit from your gift of dealing with Grief.

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