Dear Yolanda.

I write to you this evening to say thank you for being such a wonderful example to our daughters. Tonight I had a magnificent discussion with our eldest daughter, perhaps you were listening in on the conversation. It made my heart swell with joy knowing that she so desires to be like you, desires to be like her mom. She desires to be who you were as a person, this for me is your legacy, a person of exceptional character and love for others. You always gave of your best and were able to turn bad situations into good. Your moral fibre was so strongly engraved into your being and to see this coming through into our daughters makes me immensely proud.

It was also a good time for us to reflect on the precious gift you were in our lives. What is even more worthy is that you are the gift that keeps giving. Your legacy and the person who you were lives with us daily. It made me think of the message that the pastor gave at your memorial service about running the race and leaving behind a legacy. Yolanda you ran your race to the very end, you never gave in, you never complained, you never allowed circumstances or obstacles to stop you.

We thank you for being that example to us, it is challenging to follow but as I said to our eldest daughter it is about being the best you can be.


2 thoughts on “A Wonderful Example to our Daughters

  1. How lucky you and your beautiful girls are to have Yolanda’s legacy as an exemplary example to be your guiding light during the day and a comforting star at night.

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