As my journey with grief has taken many twist and turns I am absolutely astounded at the next phase of my life. I never saw it coming nor did I believe that it would be possible to love again. The love I experienced with Yolanda was out of the top shelf, it was an undeserved love, an unconditional love, a love that was true to our marriage vows. It was and will be forever. Love like that can never be forgotten.

2021 started much like any of the past few years, January the month of immense pain and anguish in remembering the final days, hours, minutes I had with Yolanda. Starring into the deep chasm that had been imprinted on my heart, like a meteorite smashing into earth and leaving a crater behind for millions of years. I was settling into the concept of a life of singlehood, I had even imagined what it would look like and what I would be doing in my retirement years. Then like the “Damascus moment” I was blindsided with a friendship that grew quickly and genuinely into love. Yes I say love as I was able to identify the feeling of a lost friend. I was able to welcome love back into my life. Cautiously I welcomed this friend, I wasn’t prepared for this friend to return and the mixed emotions ran wild. Could this be true? Was it even possible? Was I being unfaithful to Yolanda by welcoming in this lost friend? All these thoughts and emotions flooded my days and nights. Was I dreaming, is it possible to have a double shot of love?

If anyone, and some had, suggested that this old friend, love, would visit me again I would dismiss them as fools. They didn’t know or understand my bond with Yolanda. How dare they even suggest something so absurd. Well I am glad to say that I was wrong, I am glad to say that my old friend love found me at a time when I least expected it.

I am grateful and excited to be starting a new chapter and that the new love in my life knows, appreciates and understands the role that Yolanda played and will continue to play in my life. Now that is true love without conditions. A love I know and understand.

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