Sometimes we get caught up in our grief so much so that pain and suffering become our identity. I however have been fortunate to have found happiness and love again in my life. For this I wish to express my eternal gratitude to Yolanda, a special woman in my life who taught me how to love. Her example of an unconditional love and being by my side through the darkest days of my life, taught me what love truly is. She also knew when to give me space and allow me to vegetate in my own thoughts. I always felt comfortable around Yolanda and never felt the need to be someone that I am not. I was always enough without feeling the pressures to be someone that I wasn’t. I was confident because of her. I am today largely who I am because of her.

Yolanda I thank you for showing me what love is, because of this I am now able to recognise that same feeling again, a feeling that was beaten and bruised by the immense grief in my life. The catastrophic loss that was felt and will be forever felt can now be softened as you showed me what true love is.

As I continue on my new journey I want you to know that I am eternally grateful for the love that we shared. A love that you taught me to recognise so that when I saw it again I could reach out and confidently grab it with both hands.

3 thoughts on “Thank you Yolanda

  1. Dear Sean. How wise you have become while walking your incredibly difficult journey. How blessed you are to have been loved so deeply and to have found true love again. It speaks volumes about your character. A beautiful dedication and declaration that love wins after all.

  2. Hi Sean

    So happy to see you are moving on.

    I am just starting my second year and still find myself grieving so much some days it’s difficult to function.

    How did you find solace and not feel guilty about continuing with your life happy.


  3. Hi Allyson. Firstly thank you for reading my blogs and always commenting. I would like to say that I had no intention of “moving on”, I had no intention of finding another relationship and I guess that is the beauty of it all. I am not sure about the “moving on” aspect as Yolanda is and will forever be a part of my life, she stood beside me in my dark days and I owe an immense debt to her, also she gave me two beautiful daughters. The feelings of guilt were intially difficult as I felt I was cheating on Yolanda. However over time this to became easier as I realised that she is no longer with me. I know she would want me to choose happiness over loneliness, she loved me enough to allow me to get on with my remaining years and not be weighed down with guilt, regret or any of the negative feelings. She would want me to be happy, she wasn’t a selfish person. I hope I have managed to answer you in some small way. Be patient and most of all be kind to yourself.

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