Comparison, looking at the similarities or dissimilarities between two circumstances or situations. Why is it that we as humans like to make comparisons between our set of circumstances versus others. Perhaps it is only my experience but I have found that as humans we like to raise the bar on our own stories or circumstances, that is we like to make our situation to be the worst. I have experienced this within my own “grief” circle. Some within the group always looking to make their situation the worst. Now this isn’t done so blatantly as I have described but there certainly is the constant undertones to the conversation.

Now with this pandemic that has destroyed economies and lives across the world I get a sense that we as humans are determined to make our version of events to be worse than the next person. Personally I believe this approach to be selfish and counter productive to helping yourself survive the journey. I believe that if you constantly feed yourself negative thoughts then this will become your reality.

So then how is it possible to use comparison as a positive tool. Well not that I am a professional in this area, however my own personal experience has shown me that if I look at those who have experienced far worse than my set of circumstances and have still managed to survive. I can then utilise “comparison” as a motivating tool to say to myself that others have survived far worse and still have continued with their journeys. if they have survived then it is certainly possible for me to survive. I am not saying it will miraculously become easier but it at least provides a flicker of hope.

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