Recently I have been thinking a lot about the wind. When I stand in our kitchen and look out over the back garden and see the leaves moving as the wind sweeps over our garden. When I am out running and a gentle breeze cools me down. When I sit in the front garden and look at the clouds swirling across the sky I know the wind is driving the process.

The wind has held many a prominent place in ancient society and there has been many a fascination with it. Scientists will explain it in some fancy terminology however I find myself being more and more drawn to the “ancients” than I am to the scientists.

When I experience the wind I sense your spirit, I sense your presence. I feel comforted. I am safe and it is as if your arms are wrapped around me. I hear you whispering and encouraging me to stay strong. I am revitalised knowing that you are ever present.

I am grateful for the wind, I am grateful for your presence, I am grateful for your love.

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