Dear Yollies.

Today has been a magnificent day, our eldest received an email offering her provisional acceptance to study at university next year. We were so excited and relieved, as the months of uncertainty rolled by, finally having an answer for next year. It couldn’t have come at a better time, she starts writing her prelims next week and soon after will tackle her finals in this messed up year of 2020.

Then just as fast as I felt elated the bullet train of sadness smashed once again into my shattered heart. My best friend wasn’t here to share the joy, the excitement and the moment of intense pride in what her hard work has achieved. It just felt so wrong. It felt so unfair. Yollies you raised and instilled such discipline into our beautiful intelligent and most importantly caring daughter.

No amount of comforting words or thoughts can remove the pain of not having you by my side in these moments. I know I will get through this moment and will certainly get to face many more. Just want you to know that you are missed each and every moment of every day.

All my love.

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