Dear Yolanda

Our eldest daughter is turning 18 years old tomorrow. I can’t believe it. I want to shout out and tell you what a magnificent daughter you raised, I see so much of you in her, her love for others, her strength and determination, her focus on her academics and most of all her all round ability to remain grounded.

Watching her throughout this week has been painful as I wonder how she is dealing with turning 18 without her mom, her best friend, around. It pains me immensely and I feel the invisible tears rolling down my cheeks. This I know is one of those major milestones she will go through without your physical presence. However what I do know with certainty is that your spirit lives on in her. I know she will get through this and possibly with invisible tears as well.

Thank you my love for blessing me with such wonderful daughters. So as the big 18th birthday arrives I will take a lesson from your book and put the focus on giving her the best possible memorable 18th birthday.

All my love.

2 thoughts on “Invisible Tears

  1. Just beautiful…. painful to watch and feel but as you say she is grounded and coping the best way that she knows.
    You have and are doing a fabulous job with your daughters.
    Happy 18th Birthday to Milah.
    God Bless her abundantly

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