Father, your might and glory are endless. At this time of my darkest days allow me to see beyond the anguish and confusion. Allow me to experience your comfort as I feel so alone.

Give me each and every moment the ability to turn to you Lord. Surround me with your loving family so that I can be fed spiritual food to sustain me on this journey.

Forgive me Father for my anger that I directed at you. Forgive me Father for believing that the only acceptable outcome was the one I wanted. Forgive me Father for the harsh words I used when people said “Trust God”. Help me Father to have compassion towards those who never knew quite what to say. Help me Father not to vent my anger towards those who love me and are also feeling the pain of grief.

Lead me to a path of spiritual healing. Block the paths that lead to a worldly healing. Guide my heart towards true and eternal healing and away from short term satisfaction. The distractions of this world are many and as I embark on this new leg of my journey help me to place my feet in the direction that leads to you.


2 thoughts on “A Widowers Prayer

  1. Amen Sean.
    So meaningful and true.
    Each one of us should go on our knees and say ‘Thank you Lord for accepting me through all of those anguished times’
    Together we will get through this ✝️

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