Who thinks up this terminology? Is it someone in marketing trying to get a catchy phrase in order to get us to understand the enormity of the Covid-19 crisis. Surely it would have been better to say physical separation with an added dose of social cohesion.

From where I view the human existence we are social beings. Very few if any at all can cope with absolute isolation from other humans. In order to tackle the challenges of Covid-19 where self isolation is being encouraged surely we now need more than ever a social cohesion plan. A plan where everyone works together to come up solutions to ensure that this isolation doesn’t lead to further complications like cabin fever induced depression. Yes it is real. A social cohesion plan where we all work towards a common goal. An environment in which we all understand the importance of what large or small role we can do towards achieving a common goal.

As someone who has experienced a catastrophic loss, I believe we should all work towards minimising the loses that families, nations and the world will be experiencing over the next few months. We should all practice good physical distancing and extreme hygiene, we should encourage others to do the same. We should all become a leader within our own bubble of influence, lead with facts and determination to save as many as possible through this testing time. It is extremely important that we all learn how to use our phones again, learn how to have a conversation with one another. I especially feel for those who have lost a partner and find themselves having to cope with this pandemic on their own. Let’s not socially isolation.

Personally I believe that these times can be hugely positive in that it has taken all of us out of our comfort zone. Now is the time to stretch our imaginations, now is the time to recreate who you are, now it the time to understand how interconnected we are and to work as one towards combating this virus. I have learnt and acquired skills I never knew I had in one week, recently I hosted a Zoom session for our Griefshare group. A skill I would never have acquired if I hadn’t been forced to. I felt it critical that we still have a way to meet as each of us is dealing with the loss of a loved one. We as a group could not afford to hide our heads in the sand. We need one another.

My prayer is that once all this passes that we will all have a changed view on what is really important in our lives.

One thought on “Social distancing? Really

  1. Way to go… I am one of those in total isolation alone…. I am keeping myself busy doing everything that I can to stop me from going into deep depression and stop me walking from one room to another all day long.
    I admire your way of thinking.
    Saying this, you and your family be safe during this period.
    We have got this!

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