Quite honestly I have had more than enough of this Coronavirus. The constant news items, rising numbers, sharp curve versus flattened curve, deaths and predictions, shutdowns and the total invasion of our lives. Never in my life have I heard or seen anything as disruptive as this. It is larger than any individual, group or country. It truly is on a global scale forcing all of us to work together. It knows no boundaries, no rich or poor, no educated or uneducated, no race, no religion is a barrier for this virus.

However when my 13 year old daughter makes the following statement, “Dad you know as bad as this might sound I am happy that Mom wasn’t exposed to this”. Looking deeper into this statement is a knowledge and love that far exceeds that of a 13 year old. She loved, and still loves, her mother enough to know what fear and anxiety this would have been for Yolanda. Her weakened immune system already beaten and battered from Wegener’s Granulamatosis and trampled on by Lymphoma would have been the idea landing zone for this virus.

The wisdom and insight of a 13 year old has driven me to write this blog. Isn’t it time to look at our value system. Isn’t it time to be clear headed about what is important to us. The things to which we ascribe much value are coming down in flames. Our economy, our sports, our work, our careers. Suddenly we find ourselves with time on our hands. The rush, the deafening sound of our busy lives seemingly come to a stop. What now?

Only you can stop yourself and evaluate what are the important areas in your life that need addressing. However before this pandemic spreads further and faster I would like to encourage all of us to tackle those area’s with urgency.

God bless, stay safe and most importantly sane throughout this time.

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