It is the middle of the night and the exhaustion is sitting heavily on my eyelids. The call to sleep is growing louder almost as loud and clear as those coming from a mosques call to prayer. I need to resist this call, I need to disobey as I am the lone sentry on duty tonight. Both girls have been struck by the dreaded bug that is apparently doing the rounds.

I can not afford the luxury of falling asleep for fear of drifting away to the place of peace. What if I were to miss a call for help or comfort. It is a time where I miss my soulmate dearly. It is at times like these where I am reminded of how well we operated as a tag team.

Now however is the time to put all the emotion aside and focus on the need at hand. Both girls are missing Mommy right now, even if this isn’t being expressed. We all need our Mommy when we aren’t feeling well. I think this is an unwritten law of the universe.

Some would even describe my actions as those of super Dad, even though these words sound wonderful, I won’t go to such extremes. I just see it as learning my new role as “Parent”. Which parent who loves his children wouldn’t go to such extremes.

This then got me to thinking about my relationship with God the father. It is amazing how clear and crisp thoughts can be during these times. My father knows my pain, my anguish, my doubt and everything else about me yet as my parent he still loves me. He even provided his son to be the sacrifice for my sin and thus restore our relationship. It is with this example of love that I draw my strength and find the energy to pursue this path of the lone sentry.

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