This evening I received a picture from one of Yolanda’s best friends, it had popped up as one of those FB memories. It was of my girls dating back to 2011. My reply to this was “Back in our happy days”. To which she replied “You can still be happy, but…”.

So this got me to a place of deep introspection. There will always be a void, the place that Yolanda occupied, in our lives. There have been times of happiness and celebration since Yolanda’s passing.

What I really want to say is for us we can still be happ_. If your loved ones letter of the alphabet doesn’t fit into happy then spell it anyway you like. As much as I am certain that Yolanda is urging us on in our lives, I believe your loved one will be doing the same for you.

One thought on “I can be happ_.

  1. Agree but sometimes still very hard as the surroundings amplify the emptiness on that chair…..

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