Many times in my life I have heard the Psalm 23 being quoted and many times I switched off at that word death.

It is one of those crazy things that the mere word “death” can turn our flesh to goosebumps. That uneasy feeling flowing over our entire being. Take a moment to reflect on your reactions to the mere word death. I am certain that you would have felt similar to my response. However I am certain that if you have experienced a close personal catastrophic loss that ripped you to the core your response today is somewhat different.

The day that you are born there is one guarantee and that is you will experience death. Definitely your own and most likely that of others to whom you are closest. Yet it amazes me as to how ill prepared we are to face it. This is something that I see over and over in my conversations with those who have travelled this journey for some time or those on their first steps along this path.

Death rocks all of our boats, the sails get ripped off in the storm, all take on varying amounts of water and the ships rudder is disabled. We drift, we are exhausted from battling the storm, we look around and only see despair as hope seems to be hidden by the myriad of ways we keep asking WHY?

Only after the death of Yolanda was I able to do some honest, raw, soul searching and reading the remainder of Psalm 23 did my eyes open to the fact that this is an incredibly uplifting piece of scripture.

This scripture spoke to me in a way like never before, it did not say that I would never experience death or all the agony that comes along with it. It did however promise me God’s presence along this journey.

So in numerous ways I am grateful that we aren’t prepared to face death, even though we will experience it, as I believe that these are the times of major self introspection.


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