Reading this blog today felt as if someone had been reading my mind

Beauty from ashes

Your knees have caved in and you fall to the floor. You’re wallowing in a pain so deep, so unfathomably strong, you don’t know how you’ll stand again. You didn’t even know a heart could bear this type of physical pain.

The death of someone who you hold very close to your heart is one of the harshest ways a human being will ever experience loss. There is no time and no one to tell you how long you are supposed to grieve. You will be grieving your whole life, because love is endless. The connection you had with your loved one is the only one you will ever understand. Be easy on yourself and let others express their sympathy. Let yourself cry every day. Let yourself scream at the top of your lungs. Give yourself time to rebuild your aching heart.

Death can creep up out of nowhere, leaving…

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