This is our second year doing Christmas without Yolanda.

My eldest daughter found and booked a place for us in the bush near Kruger National Park. She is only 17yrs old but with so much maturity, I guess this comes from having experienced the loss of her mother, best friend, at such a young age. I really enjoy watching the way this young lady handles life, she in many ways has become one of my heroes.

The week before our bush break I couldn’t help but noticed how excited we were to be going away for Christmas. The excitement was a welcome visitor from the past. I could sense the girls were both just as excited to be going away, as they helped put together the grocery list for the week.

Something however was missing and it felt good. The heavy heart of our catastrophic loss wasn’t present. This felt to me like a break through moment. There was and still isn’t a feeling of guilt for enjoying our little bush break. In many ways this feels like a wonderful Christmas gift to ourselves.

Now don’t get me wrong. Do we miss Yolanda? Absolutely however the pain of her loss would appear to being replaced by the happy memories, we talk and refer to her often.

With this in mind we wish you a Merry Christmas from the bush.

2 thoughts on “Merry Christmas

  1. Beautiful post. This too is our second Christmas, and we were welcomed with similar feelings of excitement this year that spoke a little louder than our grief. Merry Christmas to you and your girls šŸ„‚šŸŽ„šŸ„°

  2. This is wonderful news Sean. A break through for you without feeling guilty and of course not remembering Yolande. She was happy that you had this opportunity to spend time in nature with your beautiful girls and was smiling down and being proud at the same time.
    I hope that you all had a wonderful time together. I wish you all togetherness as you enter 2020 knowing that you have everyone believing in you that you can go forward and yes, enjoying life to the fullest with these amazing young ladies by your side.
    God Bless you Abundantly.
    See you soon.

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