5th of November. This date marks the birth of a magnificent human being. Yolanda entered the world. Even though she was smallest person I have ever met she had a heart larger than anyone I know. One of her great qualities was to recognize the “invisible” people in our society. She greeted everyone and made them feel special and noticed. It was genuine and not forced or pretentious. Yolanda’s absence from our lives has left an enormous cavity that all of the earth moving equipment in the world, working 24/7 for a 100 years, wouldn’t be able to fill.

So last year this time being the first birthday without Yolanda was remembered by the girls and I planting a herb flower box for her. It was our way of remembering the special day. It made sense and felt wonderful. It was good for the soul. Now with Yolanda’s second absent birthday the girls and I have had many conversations about what to do.

I am truly amazed and am always learning from these two wonderful young ladies. Both felt that we wouldn’t do any planned form of remembrance, after all we remember Yolanda everyday. This got me into thinking very deeply about this matter. So what did we do on this day that marks the birth of Yolanda. We did what we do every day. We talk about Mom as and when we feel the need.

So my conclusion on this matter is that we weren’t going to create a yoke for ourselves. We weren’t going to create a ritual of having to do something for Yolanda’s birthday. This would only become a chore in 10 to 15 years and we aren’t prepared to let that happen. It would be totally disrespectful to this wonderful loving human being. Instead we will continue to remember her each and everyday and be grateful that our paths crossed.

Love you Yolanda my forever Angel.

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