I am certain that all can relate to these words. Words of anguish, words of a broken heart,words of anger, words crying out for help, words of joy, words of celebration, words offering praise to our creator.

The magic of these words that they can be used in all areas of our lives is that they reflect God’s almighty presence in our lives. All day and every day.

God is present in our lives all day and everyday. Although this should be a comforting thought it is often one that frustrates me. When the pain and hurt blossom into full bloom it is these times that I feel God has left me alone.

It is during these times that I need to remind myself of Psalm 61. Hear my cry , O God; listen to my prayer. It is estimated that this psalm was written in 1015 BC. That is over 3000 years ago. It would appear that the human hasn’t change much in all of these years. What gives me comfort here is that the psalm starts out in a negative mood but ends on a positive. So how did this change in mood come about. The answer is in the psalm. David calls out to God, David acknowledges his weakness and is focussed on what God has done. He then commits to God and fulfilling his vows.

The lesson is simple yet seems to be so hidden from our eyes. Pray, be authentic, acknowledge what God has done and make a commitment to serve God.

My journey with grief has taken me to many places. This however is the one lesson for which I am most grateful.

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