Today I received this message on a “Griefshare” group that I am a part of. I instantly thought what a fantastic title for a blog. The title was there but now it needed the meat to be added in order to fully appreciate why I strongly believe this to be such a descriptive characteristic of grief.

Anyone dealing with grief will know all to well that grief is a master shape shifter. Just as an octopus has no bone structure and can change shape and colour so it is with grief. Grief is spineless and will hide in the background of our lives for a moment or longer. It is the enemy waiting for the opportunity to pounce and tear you apart. It is forever with those of us who have experienced loss.

Grief can take shape shift in such a way so as to be camouflaged and blend into the background of our daily existence. Then suddenly with the shortest of notices it can change into the aggressor with all the rage and anger directed at causing us to crumble and fall apart.

Is it possible to overcome grief? Will a day, a week, a month or a year pass without grief ripping me apart. This is the question I find myself asking from time to time. My journey with grief is still relatively new so I can’t say for sure that I know the answer however I can say that I have this deep sense that it will be a lifelong partner.

Grief is the price you pay for having loved and been loved.

One thought on “Grief changes shape but never leaves

  1. For me and the life I have left, it will definitely be lifelong grief which deep down and on a daily basis is still very much alive……. in your last sentence, you set it out perfectly .. being so deeply loved by someone is definitely something that I hold on to.

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