Routine, routine and more routine. This I have discovered is my key to survival. This is my key to ensuring that the “grief monster” is kept in check. This is how I manage to cope in the world where the clock never stops ticking. The world doesn’t stop because the “grief monster” came for a visit.

So what is it about routine that helps me to cope. I believe that the answer lies in the commonly understood meaning. A sequence of events frequently followed. So simply put a routine assist me in knowing what is the next step. I only then have to focus on the next step and not the end goal. This eliminates that feeling of being overwhelmed. Overwhelmed is just another disguise of the grief monster.

Routine also provides a sense of security, I am able to see how far I am down the track and know that only a few more steps and I will reach the end. This gives me a sense of achievement and a small motivation of knowing that I am not allowing this monster to pull me down deeper into his pit.

I have spoken to others who are on similar journey to my own and we all find some comfort in a routine.

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