From the moment that Yolanda’s spirit exited her body the shadow of grief made its presence felt. The shadow of grief is unlike any other shadow. It remains with me night and day.

This shadow lives among my thoughts, my actions, my dreams. My every breath is done with this ever present shadow.

As a shadow it is always changing in its presence. Sometimes very dark and defined. Sometimes faint and difficult to define. Some moments very long and stretched to the horizon and sometimes short and almost unrecognizable.

Grief however is forever present. As much as Yolanda was present and always a part of my life so to is grief.

My new life has a new companion. It however is up to me to either hate everyday or to embrace this new presence in all that I do.

Having had the privilege of Yolanda being in my life for almost 26 years I know which option I choose. Is it easy, no it is extremely hard.

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