The loss of a loved one can be described as the unwanted gift. The gift that you wish it possible to return.

So you might read this and feel that I am a total idiot. However I base this revelation on a conversation I had with my 12 year old daughter.

We had just dropped my eldest daughter at the gym and Hannah made a remark about the reserved parking for “Moms and tots”, she said it should be called “Parents and tots”.

I then used this opportunity to discuss with her how our changed circumstances have enabled her to see life from other angles and not just the norm. We went on further to envision how this will add value to her life in terms of helping her to impact on a wider circle of society than just the norm. After a short time of discussion we both felt that this was an unwanted gift. We would far rather have Yolanda with us. We also came to the conclusion that even though it is an unwanted gift it is a gift after all.

We felt that this gift even though “unwanted” would be better if it were utilized and used rather than left in a corner of unused opportunities.

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