This evening was one of those moments. Over the last 14 months it has been a slog to prepare and put a meal on the table that Yolanda would have been proud of.

Most evenings I have either managed to feed my girls very late or I have opted for the easy route of convenience. Ready made meals or fast food being the choice went I just can’t get my act together. Yip I did use the word “act” as sometimes I feel like i need to “act” the part in order to become the part. Hope you understand what I mean.

However today I set out with purpose to make the evening meal special and on time. It started in the morning with writing down what I wanted to have for dinner. The rest followed as I was determined to pat myself on the back.

We sat down at 7pm as a family, the 3 of us. The lamb chops were cooked just right with sufficient flavor and the accompanying sweet potato mash was perfectly creamy with the added butter and the assortment of steamed vegetables was cooked just right with the right amount of crunch remaining.

So please forgive me for writing such a post but I know for most this would seem pretty ordinary. For me however this is a huge step forward as I know that Yolanda is smiling down on me for having produced such a meal.

I know that for each of us there will be these “giant steps” in achieving what might be ordinary to others however to us they add some light to the end of this tunnel. I just want to encourage you to keep working towards the light. Somehow I just know that it will be there.

Thanks for taking the time to read.

4 thoughts on “Small steps can feel like giant leaps

  1. I hear ya, In your situation, I was the kid eating the fast food. Yolanda would be proud. Even if the meal sucked, which it sounds like it didn’t. Your kids will look back when they are older and be thankful for all your small steps and huge leaps! Much love.

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