I am certain that many will be familiar with the words from Paul Simon’s sound of silence.

As the festive season gets into full swing I find myself looking into the darkness more and more. My questions go unanswered. The silence is unbearable. The pain is shattering. The tears are flowing.

Christmas is less than a week away and the usual excitement around this time of year has evaporated. We haven’t even put up the Christmas tree and decorations. The memories are great but at the same time an awful reminder of what we no longer have.

I keep saying we will get through this, I wish I believed it.

As I stood in the kitchen trying to prepare a meal with sons of anguish my eldest came and gave me words of encouragement. Dad just take one step at a time. My youngest gave me a hug. I am so blessed that the spirit of Yolanda lives on in both of our girls.

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