An ambush implies that something unexpected occurs at the most random time. For me an ambush is something like, driving down the driveway with my aunt, brings back memories of the good times with my mom. In the first six months of the grieving process I didn’t experience them as often as I do now. It has been just over eight months since losing my mom and in the last two months or so I have experienced them more often. The nice thing about these ambushes is that I am not the only one experiencing them. My dad is also experiencing them and it is nice to have a “buddy” to talk to and strategize on how to deal with these ambushes. For me there are four steps to managing an ambush.

  1. Acknowledge when you have been ambushed.
  2. Let people know and explain.
  3. Expect more to come.
    Strategize on how to deal with them.
  • A. Remain calm.
  • B. Express how you feel.
  • C. Find your happy place.
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