Life is a noun, describing my very existence. I am a book with no words but I hold your memories. I’m filled with photos that tell your story.

Before I was full I was blank with plastic covers to protect your memories. Within months of coming home I got filled with memories of my owners daughter. When she was in the womb up to when she turned two. Then I was full.

After many years of collecting dust in a dark creepy corner, I saw the light for the first time. It felt like I was a baby coming out of the womb. My owners daughter looks sad as though she was crying. As her warm breath blows off the thick layer of dust. She grabbed a cloth to wipe me off. I inhaled the fresh air again.

As soon as my pages turn I felt alive again. I felt the vertebrae of my spine ‘click into place as she slowly turns my pages. I closely examine the emotions through the eyes of my page. I sensed the feelings of disappointment in the room.

Many photos later, my owners daughter stopped on a photo of her and her mum. The tears fell from her face and rained on my pages of memories.

She left to grab a tissue to dry me off. Feelings of confusion raced through my mind. I realised why she was so sad. She has lost her mum, her best friend and has taken me out to remind her of the joyful and happy memories. As my spine cried with her I felt the sea of emotions crash onto the shore as I became sad and disappointed.

She closes me gently,kissing my cover and whispered a tiny secret into my ears. She said ” I love you mum”. She grabbed me and gave me a warm hug and rocked me slowly and she began to sing a song as we rocked slowly.

Many years later I realised that even though I lost my first owner I gained a new one who took me on adventures to see the world. I reminded her of the joyous times with her mother. Not collecting as much dust this time around, I wonder to where we will travel next.

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