As previously mentioned Yolanda passed away peacefully on Sunday 14th January 2018 at just after 5pm. I count myself very privileged to have been there as I have never to question those last few moments. I also got to see first hand the dignity with which the nursing staff handled everything.

The news of Yolanda’s passing spread faster than I had hoped, I wanted to get to our daughters first and break the news to them. Unfortunately my father in law had already contacted the family in the hospital cafe.

Suddenly the room was filled with family coming to offer condolences and say a final good bye. It was all very unreal yet very real.

It was then that the admin journey of dealing with Yolanda’s death took over. In my mind I think it was about 10 minutes after Yolanda’s passing that the sister asked me who was my choice of undertaker was. Huh, I was shocked and I think she knew it. She quickly made some recommendations and from here onwards that I learnt the enormity of all the admin. I also learnt that the admin doesn’t accommodate emotion. It is merely a process. It felt hollow and empty. It was not the relationship that I had shared with Yolanda.

In all honesty I have attempted many, many times to write this blog. However no matter how hard I try it is almost an impossible task to describe this process. I understood the necessity of it all that was and is not my problem with the admin. It is just so cold. It is hollow and void of emotion. It is repetitive.

There have been some really good people assisting with this part of the journey. The church assisting with the memorial arrangements, the company handling her work life policy. The company handling the trust for my daughters. Without the empathy and understanding of these superb people I am not certain if I could have handled this part of my journey.

Thanks for reading and I hope that you have gained something from my blogs. Please leave a comment.

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