A broken heart for Mother’s Day -Milah Woolnough

Losing a mother is never easy

It is an indescribable pain

That I will never forget

And Mothers Day doesn’t make it…

Any easier

This day makes me want to

Curl up into a ball

And bawl my eyes out…

As I will be thinking

Thinking of the things that I will miss

These moments are the hardest

I miss the days where I would have to

Sit on the floor

In order for MOM to do my hair

I miss the days where I could tell MOM


Even if I was complaining

I miss the days where she would

Come and snuggle

If I didn’t want to wake up

I miss her smile

Her hugs

And most definitely the way I was taller than Mom

But Mother’s Day is the day I shall dread for years to come as I have no mother

Technically I am half an orphan

As I only have one Parent

So yes…

Mothers Day will always be the day I


But I will be doing something special on this day to


The legacy My mother left behind

By honoring her in the most



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